Thank you for your interest in The Jolna Bags.

By buying Jolna Bags, you have helped many women build better livelihoods, saved few tonnes of plastic ending in the ocean, and encouraged Jolna's eco initiatives in a big way.
The Jolna People team will place eco shopping bags in many parts of the city, in locations convenient for you to pick up and use.
These bags will be available with our Retail Partners, who wants to take part in our eco initiatives by lending us their retail outlet space for placing the bags.
The bags are made from either grey gada cotton cloth or fabric which is discarded by fashion industry because of reasons like, surplus production; out of fashion fabric design; end of roll wastages etc.,
We source these, and stitch them with our rural women tailors.
These bags are reusable, washable, bio-degradable and non-factory made.

We request you to buy and use Jolna Bags for all your shopping needs.

We also request you to reuse our bags as many times as possible and buy only when required.